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I Love You SVD

B-10U Handguard For AK-100 Family Rifles

Item #B-10U

New Product. Lower hand guard for AK-74 or any other AK-100 series rifle. It fits most Bulgarian stamped models w/o any modifications to the rifle, although some minor fitting may be be reqired.  Made by ZenitCo, original Russian custom shop which is known up until now only to supply Russian Special forces regiments with various high quality tactical gear and accessories. This company is known for their extremely high quality and good connections. This is actually first time these items become available in the US from an official and exclusive importer (me). For your consideration, AK-100 series tactical lower hand accessorized with Weaver/Picattinni rail for attaching accessories like flashlights, laser target designators, foregrips, and most importantly ZenitCo B-33 AK Dust Cover with weaver top tail. If you want to have B-33 installed on your rifle, you must attach it to this B-10M or B-30 types hand guards.

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